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Details of RS07 Skull Sceptre Proposed Improvements & Others
Date: Sep 18, 2020 2:09:35 AM PDT
Author: rs3gold5

Some proposed changes for OSRS Skull Sceptre have
been revealed. Here you could learn these changes
to the Skull Sceptre and others.

OSRS Skull Sceptre proposed changes

Some changes and improvements are proposed for
the Skull Sceptre, which are revealed in the
latest Poll 73 Game Improvements Blog:
-The develop team plans to increase the base
number of charges on OSRS Skull Sceptre from 5
base charges to 10. After completing the Varrock
Achievement Diary tiers, it is increased to 14,
18, 22 and 26 respectively. Currently completing
these diaries raises the total charges to 7, 9,
11 and 13.
-Players will be allowed to crush Skull Sceptre
pieces into tradable chunks. These chunks can
then be used to charge the imbued Skull Sceptre.
-The Skull Sceptre may no longer be destroyed on

Other improvements in OSRS poll 73

-A right click option will be added to the Estate
Agent, allowing players to quickly move or
redecorate their homes.
-The drop rate of the Jar of Darkness OSRS will
be changed from 1/2,500 to 1/500.
-The PoH Combat dummy will be expanded to include
the suggested functionality. Players need to
reach 53 Construction to attach these upgrades.
-If players have reached 99 slayer, they will be
allowed to show your Skill Cape once to any
Slayer Master.
-A Beekeepers outfit may be added to go with the
Beekeeper random event.
-A count-down timer will be added to the Volcanic
Mine waiting room so players can see the time
remaining until a game starts.
-Two toggles are added for fossils on Fossil

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