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Guide for 2007 Runescape Tithe Farm: Requirements, Strategies & More
Date: May 21, 2020 7:01:33 PM PDT
Author: rs3gold5

Tithe Farm is a Farming based minigame which is
located in Hosidius. Here is our OSRS Tithe Farm
guide with minigame requirements, some strategies
and tips.

Requirements of Tithe Farm OSRS minigame

To play the Tithe Farm minigame, you need to have
100% Hosidius favour and at least 34 Farming to
pick up the Golovanova seeds from the table. A
spade, a seed dibber and a watering can are also
You can find 3 types of seeds on the table near
Farmer Gricoller, and each of them requires a
specific Farming level. You can only take one
type from the following types of seed:
Golovanova seed (requiring level 34 Farming)
Bologano seed (requiring level 54 Farming)
Logavano seed (requiring level 74 Farming)

OSRS Tithe Farm guide with some tips

You can enter the farm once you have chosen the
seed appropriate to your level. The seeds must be
planted in empty patches. You need to water the
plants every time they grow, or they will die
Here are some strategies and tips that you can
use for OSRS Tithe Farm:
1. Always have a spade, seed dibber and enough
filled watering cans with you.
2. It is not recommended to use the Gricoller's
fertilizer as it will speed up the growth of
3. Graceful outfit OSRS is invaluable. If you
have full Graceful, you can do consecutive runs
more quickly.
4. Making your camera rotated to be as far above
you as possible can make it easier to plant seeds
and water plants in adjacent spots.
5. You could use the Humidify spell from the
Lunar spellbook for faster refilling of watering

Hope our OSRS Tithe Farm guide can help you learn
more about this minigame. Besides, every week you
are able to enjoy the new game updates and guide
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