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Tips to Get RS 3 Archer Helm from Fremennik Trials
Date: Sep 6, 2019 3:47:47 AM PDT
Author: rs3gold5

Would you like an archer helm? It can be obtained
after completing Runescape Fremennik Trials
quest, which requires you to be accepted by
Fremennik people sincerely. And 45 Defence is
also needed for wearing the helm. Now please go
ahead and learn more details about it.

Requirements of wearing Runescape archer helm

To wear archer helm, not only have you to
complete the Fremennik Trials quest, but you must
have 45 Defence. Only the two requirements have
been achieved, the helm can be bought with 78,000
coins from Skulgrimen's Battle Gear, which is a
weapon shop located north of the longhall in

Tips to complete RS Fremennik Trials for archer

Runescape Fremennik Trials is a member-only quest
with seven trials. To help you complete the quest
easily and quickly, here is a brief guide shared
with you:
1. Skill requirements
- 40 Crafting
- 25 Fletching
- 40 Woodcutting
- Ability to defeat a level 96 NPC
- Ability to defeat a fairly strong warrior
without armour and weapons.
2. Item requirements
- Beer and 250 coins are needed when you are
completing the first trial, Manni the Reveller.
- Raw potato, onion, cabbage and a raw shark are
needed when completing Olaf the Bard.
- You'd better finish Sigli the Huntsman trial
with combat gear item.
- 5,000 coins for Sigmund The Merchant trial
- Strongly encourage you to carry a lot of food
(such as sharks), rings of recoil, super attack
potions, super strength potions and super defence
potions for Thorvald the Warrior trial. Besides,
ensure you to store all armour and weapons before
visiting Thorvald.
Upon completion of the quest, you will receive
the ability to wear archer helm.

In a word, you can follow this brief guide to get
Runescape archer helm. If you want more RS guide,
come to professional RSorder at anytime.

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