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What is Natural Health for Animals?
Date: Nov 8, 2007 3:52:46 PM PST
Author: aspenbloom

Hi Everyone,

Rather than reinvent the wheel here I thought I'd just post some links to a couple of articles to get this topic started. It is my passion for animals to have optimal health which truly comes from nature and it always starts with proper species appropriate nutrition:

Those are a start on the path :-)
Have a tail waggin' day! Kim Bloomer, VND Isaiah 11:6-9


What is Natural Health for Animals?
Date: Feb 6, 2008 9:33:49 AM PST
Author: LoveYourPetsToHealth

We have Vet formulated, all natural and made in the USA pet food, treats and supplements. In the last two years I've had two dogs die of stomach cancer. I thought they were eating the best food available. When we learned about the cancer the second time I decided I wasn't going to chance that it was the dog food I was feeding them that may have killed them. So I desparately searched for the best food and treats available. After 3 1/2 months of research I decided on Life's Abundance. Please check out my website for more information. Our 2 dogs Sunni and Bea have been enjoying the food and treats for almost 8 months. They love it. You owe it to your dog or cat to take a look and make the best decision for your pet.
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