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Free Games to Play With Your Cat
Date: Nov 1, 2007 6:01:31 AM PDT
Author: Suz

1) Materials needed: 1 piece of string and 1 pillow.

Tie a few knots in the end of the string to make it interesting. Get your cat's attention by tossing one end of the string in his/her general direction. Put the pillow over the other end of the string and start pulling, slowly. When your cat thinks the string is going to escape under the pillow, the game is afoot! Be ready for some giggles.

2) Materials needed: 1 large paper grocery bag, plus the same piece of string from #1.

Cut a whole in the bottom of the grocery bag about the size of a golf ball. Play the same way as #1, pulling the string slowly through the hole from the front. Cats can't resist a bag anyway. (If you don't mind losing a finger, the string is optional for this game.)

3) Materials needed: 1 cat-sized box and scissors or box cutter.

Cut a few small holes in the bottom of the box. Lure the cat into the box (just putting a strange box on the floor should be enough). When the cat is in the box, start pushing the box slowly across the floor. When the cat feels the floor moving under the holes, it drives him/her crazy. This one is even funnier than #1.
Suz ~ Forum Administrator

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