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Application of vacuum technology
Date: Jul 20, 2021 8:17:15 PM PDT
Author: yan

Application of vacuum technology
Metallurgical industry: The vacuum technology
used in the metallurgical industry includes
molten steel vacuum processing, vacuum melting,
vacuum induction melting, induction shell
melting, vacuum arc remelting, etc. Among them,
the vacuum treatment of molten steel is a very
important aspect of the metallurgical industry.
This technology is mainly used in the atomic
energy industry, aerospace technology, ocean
drilling technology, gas engine technology,
automobile industry, aircraft manufacturing,
high-speed trains and other high-tech
industries to control and process certain
elements in steel, and to The life and
reliability of materials put forward higher and
higher requirements.
heating-and-cooling/]Process Parameters Of
Vacuum Brazing Heating And Cooling[/url]
Electronics and microelectronics industry:
Microelectronics technology requires smaller
and smaller electronic components and circuits,
and higher integration requirements. This is
inseparable from the application of vacuum
technology, especially the microfabrication
technology of VLSI. The formation of
geometrical structure, ultra-thin layer growth
technology, and particle beam injection
technology all require a high-quality and clean
vacuum environment, which shows its development
Dependence on vacuum technology and equipment.
process/]Detailed Explanation Of Gas
Carburizing Process[/url]
Machinery manufacturing industry: Vacuum heat
treatment refers to a new type of heat
treatment technology that closely combines
vacuum technology and heat treatment
technology. Its treatment of tools, molds and
precision couplings can increase the service
life and accelerate the adsorption and reaction
process of chemical heat treatment. In
addition, its own technological operation is
flexible and pollution-free has become a common
treatment method in the industry.
furnace-performance/]Introduction Of Vacuum Hot
Pressing Furnace Performance[/url]
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