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I believe this small thing could make game play simpler
Date: Mar 29, 2021 11:31:22 PM PDT
Author: sunxuemei

Ok, this suggestion is rather straightforward but I think it would make a significant difference so far as aggravation is concerned. But let me tell a story: If you have not completed the quest One Small Favor yet there is a part where you need to speak to the gnome on white wolf mountain. When you talk to him it begins a long conversation about some new kind of rope. The one problem? White wolfs. Right next to the gnome that's level 73 that will auto attack you. Since I had been wearing my trusty complete rune I'd have had no difficulty holding the wolf off for the conversation, but since every single time you get attacked you

Loose your chat screen this was a problem. Happily for me there was a nice man there who kept killing the wolf to get me so I could talk to the gnome. Problem: It's quite annoying to be speaking to a guy and then be auto-attacked by a monster and have to start the conversation over. Make it so that you don't loose you talk if a monster attacks you. I think that it would be very simple to notice a monster attacking you personally and manually close the box to kill the monster. (I do not really enjoy this one but It might work) Make it so you maintain your place in the dialogue after you depart. The only way to reset this dialogue would be to select a dialogue ending thing to say.

I believe this small thing could make game play simpler and less irritating. (These are a few concerns that I think might be asked) Why not simply kill the monster? Well some discussions (like the gnome one) are extremely long and a monster can re spawn at the time. Aren't monsters attacking you part of the excitement of this quest? Nobeing attacked by creatures when you are supposed to be talking is just frustrating. There's a time and place for monsters. I hope that I have made this as clear as possible. Please no flaming but constructive criticism is welcome. If any one can earn a userbar or siggy for this topic it would be appreciated. I would but mine are...
The details of the game information in
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